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Thawlines (2022)

01. Overture (Of Futures Past)
02. It Comes Apart
03. Haunter
04. Mirage
05. Halo
06. Frontier
07. Apparition
08. Wild Wood
09. Aurora

Runtime: 44 minutes

Written, mixed and produced by John Lemke between 2016 – 2021 at lostinsounds studio, Glasgow

With field recordings from Helsinki, Mustarinda, Tallinn and Glasgow

Cello on tracks 1/2/3/5/6 performed & recorded by Pete Harvey
Drums on tracks 3/5/7 performed & recorded by Clive Deamer
Harp on track 7 performed & recorded by Urška Preis (rouge-ah)
Additional percussion on track 7 performed & recorded by Stef Hambrook
Drums on tracks 1/2/6/8, percussion, electric bass, piano, electric pianos, synthesizers, guitars, mellotron, vocals, autoharp, drum machines, haken continuum,
french connection and samplers performed & recorded by John Lemke

Mastered by Robin Sutherland at Esko Mastering, Finland
Graphic design by Peter Mead with artwork direction & photos by John Lemke

Denovali Records – DEN372

Nomad Frequencies Square Mid

Nomad Frequencies(2015)

01. Of Elsewhere
02. The Unwinding
03. At The Dust Boutique
04. Vessel
05. Encounters
06. Corroder
07. Grass Will Grow
08. To Let It Go
09. Passenger
10. Kleinod

Written, performed, recorded & produced by John Lemke
in Glasgow & Berlin
With field recordings from Port Bannatyne, Berlin, Pedras Salgadas & Warsaw

Viola: Kim Moore

Soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet & beach flute:
Andrew Baker (appearing courtesy of Gocholo Records)

Impulse Responses from Hamilton Mausoleum recorded & kindly provided
by Yann Johansen Seznec

Mastered by Francesco Donadello at Calyx, Berlin
Artwork by Marie Lidén
Denovali Records · DEN237

Out now on CD, Digital & Double Vinyl (plus special edition) via Denovali Records.

‘Once again, with his distinctive combination of adventurous ways of playing instruments, unconventional methods of sound design, boldness and honesty, Lemke has created a truly absorbing piece of music that ferociously yet gracefully defies classification. This is the work of a talented musician who constantly moves forward driven by curiosity and passion. It’s important music, untouched by trends and free of copycatting and banality. It will surely fill a spot in many Best of the Year lists. One of Denovali’s finest outputs.’
Igloo Magazine (September 2015)

All of this sonic craftsmanship and experimentation might sound fascinating in a cerebral way, but what makes Lemke’s albums so captivating is that he grounds them with a brilliant sense of pure rhythm and melody. Tease the layers apart and you will find a dizzying array of ideas and components of sound, but the music can still be enjoyed on a fundamental and visceral level. This is music your intellect and your limbic system can both appreciate.’
Stationary Travels (September 2015)

Walizka EP

Walizka EP‘ (2014)

01 Walizka
02 Kompass
03 Drift
04 Walizka (Piano Interrupted Remix)
05 Kompass (SaffronKeira Remix)
06 Kompass (Everyday Dust Remix)
07 Drift (Petrels Remix)

Written, performed, recorded & produced by John Lemke
in Glasgow & Berlin

Mastered by Alex Gámez at Störung Studio
Artwork by Łukasz Bernacki
Denovali Records · DEN201

Out now on CD, Vinyl & Digital. Buy it here.

‘Mechanical, rusty, leaky dub, hypnotic drone surges, anthemic electricity—it’s all there in the enhanced reissue of John Lemke’s Walizka EP. An eccentric sound explorer, a lo-fi scientist, a seeker of exotic dub, Lemke was never into conventionality, and with Walizka he takes his sonic world into a deeper level. (…) Hopefully Lemke will keep exploring this musical path, as these three tracks leave you longing for more.
Igloo Magazine (June 2014)

‘Despite the diversity of styles and artists, it all meshes together beautifully and flows coherently. A unique and captivating album.

‘If you have not heard the original tracks, you are in for quite a treat. Syncopated, percolating rhythms and impossibly catchy bass lines flow throughout, and the balance of acoustic and electronic elements is seamless and intoxicating. The remixes then take these tracks in surprising new directions. In each case, the guest artists slow down the original source material and uncover entirely new sonic possibilities which underscore the strength of Lemke’s compositions.’
Stationary Travels via Headphone Commute (July 2014)

People Do - John Lemke

People Do‘ (2013)

01 End Of Endless
02 Shatterbox
03 The Air Between
04 Dorothea (I)
05 Ivory Nights
06 Illuminations
07 Nolands
08 Dorothea (II)
09 When We Could

Written, performed, recorded & produced by John Lemke
in Glasgow, Berlin, Bristol & Helsinki

With field recordings from Berlin, Brandenburg, Glasgow, London and Salvatierra de Tormes

Viola on tracks 5, 6, 7 & 9 – Kim Moore
Tenor Saxophone on track 2 – Felipe Sumina

Mastered by Nils Frahm at Durton Studio
Artwork by Łukasz Bernacki
Denovali Records · DEN175

Out on CD, Vinyl & Digital  – buy it here.

‘Experimental. Haunting. Sensory. Revolutionary. Genius.’
Stephanie Yip, Kemptation (July 2013)

‘…an intricate & startlingly beautiful set of music that’s guaranteed to send you to a peaceful, reflective place as you let the deep, multi-layered music wash over you & take you on a journey unlike any you’ve been on before.’
Guy Manchester, Louder Than War (July 2013)

‘…a highly detailed and individual sounding work, sculpted with great attention to texture and shape. With a highly transformative nature, all the tracks are unpredictable and keep the listener in a pleasuring suspense. They twist and morph, chime and throb (…). Lemke fused a myriad of ideas and atmospheres into a unique whole that is stimulating, elegant, and edgy just in the right places. People Do has a distinctive, original personality, and definitely a charming one. This is refreshing music. One of the very best of 2013, no doubt.’
Igloo Magazine (July 2013)

Perhaps the best way to describe Lemke’s pieces is to call them instrumental moodscapes of rich stylistic character (…). It’s quality material, no matter what description one finally settles upon, not to mention impeccably crafted (…) by Lemke.’
Textura (July 2013)

Traveller‘ (2013)

01 Traveller
02 Traveller (Emperor Echo’s Dub Europe Express Mix)

Track 1 written, performed & produced by John Lemke
Track 2 mixed & dubbed by Emperor Echo

Artwork by Łukasz Bernacki
Frequencies lifted by LXC at WATTA SOUND
Denovali Records 2013

Digital release only – free download here.