November Tour Impressions

November 13, 2013

Our little European triple bill tour with Floex and Poppy Ackroyd has just wrapped up! After a week on the road spanning six countries, six concerts and hours of fun in our reliable van we’re finally all back home. Huge thanks to Floex and Poppy for being such wonderful touring partners and to everyone who made it out to the gigs – we’ve had an incredible time… *

John Lemke @ Kabinet Muz

On The Road

John Lemke @ Kabinet Muz

Prague Soundcheck


John & Poppy @ Munich Feierwerk

John Lemke @ Stimul Festival

Poppy Hard At Work


Stimul Festival, Prague

Poppy Ackroyd @ Kabinet Muz

Floex @ Mika Tivadar Mulató


John Lemke @ Budapest

Kings Of The Road