Nomad Frequencies – New album out now!

September 6, 2015

John’s second solo album ‘Nomad Frequencies’ was released in September 2015 and has been greeted by some fantastic reviews already…


“Once again, with his distinctive combination of adventurous ways of playing instruments, unconventional methods of sound design, boldness and honesty, Lemke has created a truly absorbing piece of music that ferociously yet gracefully defies classification. This is the work of a talented musician who constantly moves forward driven by curiosity and passion. It’s important music, untouched by trends and free of copycatting and banality.”

Stationary Travels:

‘All of this sonic craftsmanship and experimentation might sound fascinating in a cerebral way, but what makes Lemke’s albums so captivating is that he grounds them with a brilliant sense of pure rhythm and melody. Tease the layers apart and you will find a dizzying array of ideas and components of sound, but the music can still be enjoyed on a fundamental and visceral level. The reggae lilt of the tuneful ‘At the Dust Boutique’, the rousing piano driven melody and synth swirls of ‘Vessel’, the exhilarating ambient/rock/jazz roller coaster ride of ‘Corroder’, the skittering percussion juxtaposed with moody atmospherics in ‘Grass Will Grow’ – these are all as infectious as they are inventive. And ‘To Let It Go’ and ‘Passenger’ provide the listener with a sense of resolution as much as a sense of beauty in their deeper shades. This is music your intellect and your limbic system can both appreciate.’

Nomad Frequencies